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Welcome To The Northern Illinois Area Wide DX Repeater System


444.875 - PL 114.8

Who We Are

The 8-7-5 DX repeater is an informal group (not a club) of hams that are interested in working and promoting DX and contesting.. We share knowledge regarding antennas - radios - station building - tower work - home brewing and learning software and technology from one another. If you’re an Extra or working on it, prowling the DX windows, in the pileups, searching the sky for satellite contacts, chasing grids or just looking for that boost to relight your passion in radio, your in the right place! It's all about having fun promoting our interest and desire for the hobby. If the repeater seams dead just say hello there is always some one out in the bushes. Big gun or little pistal we welcome all hams to join us with the same intrest, having fun!

The Repeater 

The repeater was started by John N9AWQ in the early 80's and was known as NIPSAR. In January 2008 John handed ownership of the repeater over to Dave K9XD a commercial radio tech with a Commercial Radio Telephone License (GROL) formerly 2nd class commercial endorsed for ship radar. Unlike most ham repeaters 8-7-5 is a Motorola commercial grade multi site repeater system. After nearly two years worth of work Dave has brought the system up to the next level in coverage and system performance we now have. All of our sites are backed up with emergency power so no need to worry when the weather is bad, will be on the air. Coverage can now be found from south of I-80 to the Wisconsin line and the lake to RT39 without switching repeaters. This coverage is based on a 45 watt mobile with a ¼ wave NMO mounted antenna. You can also expect excellent portable coverage in most areas. This allows for seamless wide area coverage for user's to gather while at home or on the road. So come join us, big gun or little pistol it's all about the DX here! 

    Donations / Dues

Because we are (not a club) there are no dues. All we ask is depending on the situation and what you are comfortable with, that users contribute to the cost when needed.



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